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Criminal Injury Claims

Mercer Mackay Solicitors has a criminal injury claims department with many years' experience in maximising compensation for the victims of crime. We will act for any criminal injuries claimant on a conditional fee agreement basis, ensuring every claimant can feel free to pursue a claim with peace of mind.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was established in 1964 to manage the criminal injuries compensation scheme in Britain. It is responsible for the administering of criminal injury compensation to those who have been injured as a result of crime. Since its introduction it has provided some tangible acknowledgement of society's sympathy for innocent victims of violent crime.

The CICA can award anything from 1,000 up to 500,000. The most recent statement of the CICA puts the number of yearly UK criminal injury claims at 76,000 applications resulting in over 200,000,000 being paid out to victims.

The scheme may pay criminal injuries compensation even if the offender is not convicted of the crime causing your injury and even if the offender is not identified or caught.

In addition to the recovery of compensation we can also assist in securing counselling, together with expert medical help as appropriate