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Road Traffic Accidents

Road accident claims are the most common cause of personal injury and according to the recent annual report compiled by the Department of Transport; they were the cause of almost 210,000 injuries in 2010.

Whether you were the driver or passenger of a car, motorcyclist or victim of a 'hit and run,' it is likely that you will have experienced severe pain and suffering following the accident.

The most common form of injury caused by a road accident is commonly known as 'whiplash'. However, there are a multitude of other injuries which can arise as a direct result of a person being involved in a road accident.

If you have been an innocent victim of a road traffic accident, you are probably entitled to compensation. The compensation is generally paid by the negligent driver's insurance company, but what if the driver is uninsured? In this case things are more complicated but by no means impossible, we can still help.

If you have been involved in a road accident which has not been your fault, call us today and let us get you the top value compensation that you are entitled to.

What to do in the event of an accident

By law, following any sort of vehicle accident, everyone involved must stop. Here is some useful advice to follow:

  • Exchange details with all parties involved – and any witnesses – even if the other party admits responsibility.
  • While the event is fresh in your memory, draw a diagram of the accident location detailing the direction of travel
    of all vehicles, the location of any witnesses, the speed of vehicles involved and the road layout including any
    road markings.
  • If you are injured, seek medical advice immediately. Not only will this ensure you have no serious underlying
    injury, but the medical records could support you claim.
  • Never admit responsibility for the accident until you have reflected on what exactly happened.
  • Keep a diary of your injuries to include details of the effects of the accident on your everyday lifestyle and any
    care provided by others.
  • Keep a record of any medication and treatment you receive. It is also wise to record when your injuries are at
    their worst or any severe bouts of pain.
  • Keep a list of all expenses which you incur and hold onto any receipts.

In addition to claiming damages for personal injury (known as ‘general damages’) Mercer Mackay Solicitors will ensure that compensation is received for any other losses which you may have incurred as a direct result of your accident. These are known as 'special damages,' and can include:

  • Pre-accident value of your vehicle should your vehicle be a 'write-off'/Vehicle repairs Recovery & storage charges
  • We can submit a claim for Loss of Use which is a daily rate multiplied by the number of days you are without a vehicle
  • The cost incurred in hiring a replacement vehicle, whilst your vehicle is repaired
  • Policy excess
  • Loss of earnings incurred as a result of having to be absent from work as a result of your injuries. This can also include
    loss of bonus and or promotion
  • Travelling expenses incurred as a result of the accident. For example, charges incurred in having to travel to your
    medical examination/physiotherapy appointment, taxi charges incurred in getting to work etc
  • Damaged personal belongings or clothing
  • The cost of private medical treatment, which may include physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (counselling),
    x-rays, MRI Scans, or other medical expenses
  • We can submit a claim for Care and Assistance whereby someone, professional or otherwise has had to assist you
    with daily life during your recovery period
  • Loss of gym or club subscriptions/memberships
  • Cost incurred in having to adapt your home. For example, you may be wheelchair bound as a result of the accident